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A new way to resource

Mental Health First Aid

Recently our Founder Simon undertook mental first aid with the view to helping support clients and business and believes it to be invaluable to all businesses. check out his certificate here.  

Chatter Box!

Positively Different Solutions offers chat sessions for school children of all ages with our Founder, Simon Quinn-Jones. Simon has delivered workshops and talks through schools for some years, helping children start to understand the world of work and how they might eventually fit into it. Check it out here:   Click Here for Primary Chatter…
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A Positively Different Approach to Messing Up!! Have you heard of Ubuntu? Chances are that you may not have done. I had not until recently when I read an article about a tribe in Africa, who, when someone in their tribe messes up take a rather positively different approach than we might do in here…
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The Grass Isn’t Always Greener – Or is It?

“Start where you are. Distant fields always look greener, but opportunity lies right where you are. Take advantage of every opportunity of service”. Robert Collier. It’s no coincidence that Positively Different Solutions chose grass as the image for their logo. We thought we would take a little moment here to explain why this image is so important to…
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Let’s help each other

Nothing in Isolation It’s a tough old time at the moment isn’t it?  The world, and consequently, everyone in it is going through unprecedented times and the emergence of whole new ways of having to live and work.  Everything, it seems is being turned on its head by increasingly demanding, and rapidly changing environmental circumstances…
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Why are we still using the donkey? Utilise new technologies to unlock your businesses potential.

Why Are We Still Using The Donkey?

  Every week we talk with clients who are still using outdated methods to complete admin tasks, work through accounts, get on top of compliance….lets call this the Donkey for argument sake. Yes, a Donkey may get you where you want to go, yes it may have been a stalwart since the companies inception, and…
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Our recent interview with Magnet Monster

We were recently approached by Magnet Monster to interview us as part of their series “Founders in the Spotlight”. Read on to see what insight we gave! 1) As a founder of  Positively Different Solutions can you explain a little bit about how it was founded and what your oganisation does? Of course, Positively Different…
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It’s about the journey

Helllooooooo you wonderful people…. where have we been I hear you ask? Oh you didn’t ask – well I shall tell you anyway as you’re here now aren’t you! After an awesome couple of months in May and June which saw successful new partnerships created with a scientific and engineering powerhouse who, if I can…
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