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Finding a new way with intelligent resourcing

A new way to resource

Finding a new way with intelligent resourcing

By Simon Quinn-Jones, Director

Working in recruitment has introduced me to many amazing people and many different companies; but one thing i have noticed as a constant is how recruitment companies work – they treat everything as a numbers game.  For example send over 20 CVs to a client because “one of them has to be right”….  Interview 20 people and we can possibly use a couple in the future… make 100 sales calls and if we bring on 10 new clients we may be able to help 5 of them.  This approach is why so many recruitment companies create negativity and bad names for themselves.

Just because something has always been done one way doesn’t make that way the only way or even the right way!

One of the reasons Positively Different Solutions was started was because we don’t believe in ringing a bell every time a sale is made, we don’t believe in having a board with numbers and targets on it, and we certainly don’t believe in ‘the numbers game’.

We believe in a different way where we aren’t only providing you with traditional recruitment solutions, but also looking at and introducing you to new technologies that could potentially benefit you more than a traditional recruitment solution.

One of these emerging technologies is Robotic Process Automation. For example, say you have a requirement for two administration positions that you’d normally fill with two permanent or temporary members of staff – imagine if you could achieve the same with one person and the other a software robot that did all of the menial, boring, time-consuming tasks – leading to an overall saving of 30% on costs as well as ensuring the person that you did take on was kept more interested and challenged in their role?

That’s one example of the difference that we bring to the table – what we believe in is finding ways to complement your business rather than blindly follow the tired, traditional paths.  Gone are the days of agencies being one dimensional, now it’s about providing your business with all the tools and options that it needs to take that next step.

If you would like to find out more about our innovative approach to providing you with solutions to your business and team growth then contact us or call us for a chat on 01606 227705.

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