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It’s about the journey

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It’s about the journey

Helllooooooo you wonderful people…. where have we been I hear you ask? Oh you didn’t ask – well I shall tell you anyway as you’re here now aren’t you!


After an awesome couple of months in May and June which saw successful new partnerships created with a scientific and engineering powerhouse who, if I can let you into a little secret have helped safe guard us from the continued fallout of Chernobyl, have designed, engineered, installed and maintained some of the most critical safeguarding equipment on the planet on some pretty advanced and spectacular naval vessels and did I mention they are world wide? 


But what’s that I said – partnerships? Yep I did didn’t I….. we love world wide powerhouses but we also love the northwest and a few weeks back we were invited to spend the morning talking to three local primary schools about the journey, adventure, trials and tribulations of what next?

So not only can we find the engineers to work on the advanced tech of today but we provide talks to the engineers of tomorrow, and paint them a picture they never knew existed outside of school and home.

Our talks see the little legends engaged, participating, interacting and coming away excited about a future outside of education. We build a partnership with teachers and schools adding to the already Stirling work our educators provide. We’re part of the team you never knew the classroom needed!


If we can be trusted to find engineers who work on some incredible projects all over the world and are invited back to schools where we have been entrusted too help guide the future Elon Musks of tomorrow then don’t you think that sounds like someone you could work with?
It would be great to talk to you about how we can benefit you… we aren’t like every other recruiter so drop us an email.

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