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March Madness – the sequel

A new way to resource

March Madness – the sequel

In part 1 we kicked off with how a recruitment company based in Middlewich Cheshire wasn’t just your run of the mill Staffing provider.

Yes, we recruit for permanent, temporary and contract staff to companies based in Cheshire, the northwest and we even recruit outside of the United Kingdom but we do so much more….we aren’t just named Positively Different Solutions as it sounds cool!

We genuinely provide solutions that no other recruiter in Cheshire provides.

Don’t believe me? You may be sceptical? OK, if you don’t believe me give us a call.

we don’t just provide a one dimensional recruitment method…we can provide robotic process and other automation solutions.

Why would you do this?

Well, sometimes we feel we have to shoehorn someone into a role for the sake of it or come under pressure due to deadlines, compliance or targets! Yeah you know the story…. “Quick! Let’s hire someone to do a really monotonous task or worse still let’s move a highly qualified team member into the position!”.

Let’s talk about the negatives which encompass hiring a new permanent staff member, bringing in a temp or worse still utilising your current staff:

  • Disruption to a perfectly productive team
  • Alienating a genuinely talented member of the business
  • Budget takes a hit
  • New staff member doesn’t actually become effective till 3 months of training and investment (worse still they then leave with these new skills)

These are genuine concerns I have seen in so many companies….so why put yourself through it?

So… yes we are a recruitment company but we actually believe in retention over recruitment! That’s right! Keep your current team happy, business flourishes and is a success, success means growth, growth then means – yep, you guessed it – new staff required in meaningful positions and this is where we believe Recruitment should sit. Sure we can recruit replacement staff or staff into temporary or low-level admin roles (it happens we understand this) but…

We provide more economical solutions for all of your needs to aid with the 2 most important factors – business growth and happy staff!!

You as a team leader, manager, department head, operations director or business owner can go home knowing your team is successful and happy, which goes hand in hand with business growth….and all by looking at recruitment in a new way!

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