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March madness

A new way to resource

March madness

As the title suggests it was a month crammed full of non-stop action for Positively Different Solutions and we loved it!

We started the month off after being asked to attend a fantastic education provider in Hartford Cheshire, where we spent the day in different classes talking about some fun things and some amazingly important skills that the kids fully embraced.

We covered the below (and much much more)

  • What do I do, what jobs have I had, what have I learnt from working?
  • What do you want to be and why?
  • What can they do to get their dream job?
  • Introducing your self to not just prospective employers but to new
  • people!
  • The importance of a handshake and eye contact
  • What else we can get from a job other then money 

The children, teachers and assistants all found things out about each other they never knew – sometimes a different approach, a lot of passion for what we do and a huge amount of positive energy can bring some unexpected and pleasant results for all involved.

Teachers and educators do an amazing job and we love to support them however we can. We’ve attached some of the various feedback and even a couple of images (with identities protected of course).

If you would like Positively Different Solutions to come to visit and help paint a different picture of the working world then you can get in touch with us via telephone, email or Facebook.

We are a provider of Different Solutions (as the name suggests!) and a day from us can add so much value to helping the future generations get excited about what is tout there after education instead of worrying….let’s get them excited again about exploring new paths, learning new skills and making new friends…as these were the best parts of a job for me!

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  1. Dayna Harris says:

    A fantastic event that opens the eyes of the younger generation and guides them to look toward their future career!

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