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Why Are We Still Using The Donkey?

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Why Are We Still Using The Donkey?

Why are we still using the donkey? Utilise new technologies to unlock your businesses potential.


Every week we talk with clients who are still using outdated methods to complete admin tasks, work through accounts, get on top of compliance….lets call this the Donkey for argument sake.

Yes, a Donkey may get you where you want to go, yes it may have been a stalwart since the companies inception, and yes we all like to adhere to the ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’ mantra, however why not upgrade your vehicle to get there faster and more efficiently.

Lets look at farming as an example of an industry that has been around since… (well lets say a very very long time)…the donkey sure was a help while ploughing the farm land, yes, saved many a back breaking day in the fields…however farming has embraced change, moving away from the Donkey and with that comes increased crop production, improved quality, a dynamic shift in labour costs and more.

Farmers need to be able to concentrate on keeping up with the ever changing landscape of supply and demand while also doing what’s best for the land and its consumers….that’s some serious juggling there… They cant do this as cost effectively and as efficiently relying on the Donkey.

Yes, every industry has its differences, but you will be surprised how the above can apply to pretty much all businesses.

Having the Donkey has helped get you to a point…but now its time to embrace that change and allow your business to go past that.

If you want a faster, more reliable, and predictable way to get the job done in a time which has demonstrated extreme uncertainty and constant shifts in how we do business, whether it’s summer, winter, or a pandemic, then let us show you how we are currently helping our clients do this for their business.

We’ll show you how to upgrade that donkey!

Disclaimer: I have nothing against donkeys and have been a fan of donkeys and the greater equidae family all my life.