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Let’s help each other

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Let’s help each other

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Nothing in Isolation

It’s a tough old time at the moment isn’t it?  The world, and consequently, everyone in it is going through unprecedented times and the emergence of whole new ways of having to live and work.  Everything, it seems is being turned on its head by increasingly demanding, and rapidly changing environmental circumstances and government drivers.  Home is affected.  Work is affected.  Nothing, they say, will ever be the same again.

It’s no surprise that many people and business owners that I have spoken with of late, are feeling the pressure of not only trying to keep up with the change, but also the necessity to review what they do, and how they do it.  Old ways of working and managing are simply no longer an option.  Maintaining the status quo and doing things the way we have always done them will not provide any solutions either.

Positively Different Solutions?

Are there solutions?  

Are there positive solutions? 

Are there different solutions?

We believe so.

Throughout my career, I have had a saying “I can do nothing in isolation”.  This has held true not only in my working life but in my personal life also.  Challenges and crises have come and gone, as they do for all of us.  Yet this one constant has remained true always.  We achieve nothing in isolation.  And we never will be able to.  The entire world relies on co-operative inter-dependence. We may at times feel as if we are alone; we may at times even choose to feel that we are alone.  However, in truth we are never really, truly alone.  Eating involves food made by others, or bought from others. We go to work, and live in in buildings made by others.  We use services provided by others.  We rely always on other people to work in unison, to help, support and advise.  This is the best and only way to achieve anything of any value.

All of us, to some extent or other are part of a larger community of which we are an integral and essential part.  I have come to recognise and appreciate, with great gratitude, the many people who have helped, supported, guided, taught and simply been there for me.  This has been particularly true when the going has been tough, as it is now.  You simply cannot put a price on that person who goes the extra mile to help you when it is most needed.  And we have all been there at some point or other, either at home, work or both! 

Often our work and home lives are delicately intertwined.   And how can they not be.  We are human beings and our feelings, needs and wants do not stay at home when we go to work.  These challenging times are seeing the boundaries between home and work blurring more rapidly with the onset of increased remote working and the need to discover and implement  new working methodologies.  Many clients are telling me that as a consequence they feel cut off, have lost their routine and feel more isolated than before. Many employees are also telling me they feel cut-off from their team and their managers.  Employee retention and wellbeing is therefore now becoming a high-agenda item.  Ignore it at your peril!

Perhaps you relate?  Do you feel in need of a little help, support of just someone to run ideas past?  The solution to this growing isolation is our ability to work together in new and innovative ways.  The old paradigm of “competition” is slowly being eclipsed by “Co-operation”, the recognition that it is time to work together and find ways forward.  

I spoke to a business man the other day who told me that he had been working closely with a “competitor” to share business when workloads were high.  This more supportive way of sharing ideas and solutions resulted in increased capacity and support and consequently new sales.   

People Helping People; Business Helping Business

At Positively Different Solutions we believe that this mutual support and collaborative approach is the way forward.  A way to make sense of a new world in which we rapidly need to find, and implement positively different solutions if we are to survive.  With this in mind, PDS is championing and promoting a new ethos,

“People helping people, business helping business”

We can achieve so much more together.  Shared resources; shared knowledge; shared skills; and shared support - we believe these are some of the solutions for surviving, succeeding and thriving in this changing world.  This is our ethos and what PDS is all about.  

Throughout my life, and career, I have always “known a man who can”.  I have been blessed to have continuous support and encouragement from wonderful people.  When times are tough, I’ve been honoured to have others who listened to me, talked with me and often times just let me cry or vent.  Some people have been teachers, some have just made me giggle and given me hope and strength to keep going!  In every case they made all the difference to me.  PDS is here to make all the difference to you.

We invite you to explore our website and get a feel for us. What we are about. What we offer.  As a growing community we are always delighted to hear from anyone who shares our views and values and would like to get involved in some way as well as from anyone wishing to engage with our services.  And especially from anyone who needs a little help or support right now. 

Let’s help each other.