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It’s a kind of magic (or not)

A new way to resource

It’s a kind of magic (or not)

As a recruitment solutions provider, I find myself asking job seekers how they can have confidence in recruiters when they are one of 10, 15 or 20 candidates sent over to the client, for the same role with the words

“You are perfect for this role”.

So perfect in fact that the recruiter has sent over multiple CV’s with a brief write up and all to hedge their bets – usually in a particular order to try and get the client to lean towards the recruiter’s favourite.

We believe if we are telling you that we are sending YOU for an interview YOU are who we are invested in…YOU have our full support….YOU have our complete belief and unwavering commitment to helping YOU get the role.

Moreover, we will even read you the email we sent to the company and our specific feedback on how you came across, your strengths and weaknesses!

On the other side of the equation, how can hiring organisations have belief in recruiters when they say they believe that all 15 of the candidates a recruiter sends is ‘perfect for the role’? All of them 100% perfect for the role seems at best optimistic, and more likely a platitude resulting from poor practice.

Typically, the recruitment industry believes in numbers and targets; ‘how many people have you interviewed today?’, ‘how many CVs have you sent over to clients?’, ‘how many candidates are you sending for interview?’…

We need to take a step back and realise it’s not OK for you as a client to have multiple resumes that you have to review, interview, query, question – shouldn’t a lot of that be what you’re paying the recruiter for?

We think there should be a change in how things are done and what is perceived as good recruitment practice. If you wanted a room decorated you wouldn’t invite four painters and decorators round, ask them to take a wall each and then choose who’s best… so why have multiple recruiters all bombard you with ten candidates who are ‘perfect for this role’?

Build a partnership with a recruiter that understands the role and the environment, does all the hard work and sends you one candidate who they really believe in – you can trust that if a recruiter’s doing it this way, they are investing in your process and taking time to find which person is the right fit for your company.

What are the benefits of this approach?

To the Employer
We will not send any candidates that we send to you anywhere else until we get a response, and won’t try and pit you all against each other in some kind of battle of the businesses (catchy though, right?). We are invested in your business so when you receive a candidate from us it’s because they have really impressed us.

This can then go one of two directions. You like them and want to hire them, or they don’t quite hit the spot and you provide us with feedback which helps us ensure that the next candidate that we send will tick that final box!

Imagine the time you’d save if every position was filled this way – let us earn our fee by adding value, not just being a glorified CV forwarder.

To candidates
If we put you forward for a role, you have our full commitment and belief in you. That means you have someone in your corner that has that much faith in you that they have put you and only you in for consideration. We will encourage and support you, and if it doesn’t work out we will run through the feedback provided from the client and help however we can with your job search, either with us or for the future.

In sport we have coaches that invest in their players; so why as recruitment solutions providers does the industry play 52 card pick up with the client instead of asking the client “is this your card?”!

Now, which of those magic tricks impresses you more? ?‍♀️

If you want a positive approach that believes in how thorough we are, in the quality of our candidates and that will strive to provide you with that little bit of magic you are in need of to conjure up your next perfect hire then Positively Different Solutions have the right spell for you…

Admit it, that magic cheese made you smile!