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Sell, sell, sell! No thank you

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Sell, sell, sell! No thank you

After recently having a short break in Morocco, one thing became clear – they love to sell to you over there…..in the streets, the markets, the square and the souks. The moment you step off the plane you are greeted with people trying their very best pressure selling techniques to encourage you into their taxis or buy their wares.

This got me thinking of the recruitment industry and their love of relentless and incessant calling. I remember one ‘mentor’ telling me to call the same company every week at the same time no matter what, the reason being that the one time you don’t call you will miss a sales opportunity! This logic in recruitment sales is massively flawed but instilled in to nearly every recruitment company I know… however we shouldn’t be bombarding potential business partners with call after call, email after email, mailshot after mailshot!

Sales does not mean harass, bully, relentlessly pursue, overcome 10 objections, or don’t come off the phone without some information. Instead it’s defined as ‘the exchange of a commodity or service for money’ – so let’s be honest, polite, and engaging; not that person who is wasting busy people’s time by calling them constantly.

We, as our name suggests, have core values of being Positive, Different and to put it simply providing you with Solutions for your recruitment needs. Whether that’s in the form of permanent, contract, temporary or even outsourcing and digital workforce solutions; we’ll work with you to understand your requirements, optimise your workforce and minimise your costs and hassle. We don’t believe anyone likes to be pressured or engaged with in the old fashioned ‘hard sell’ way where seems everyone is Jordan Belfort from the Wolf of Wall Street or thinks they are some kind of Paul Newman hustler; nor talked at down a phone being told how much better one recruitment company is compared to the other 18 calls you have taken that day.

If you want a recruitment solutions provider who doesn’t believe in a sales-driven approach, recommendations, being outstanding at what we do, partnerships, a no-pressure, no hassle relationship and understanding that your time is important then all we ask is give us a call on 01606 227705 for a no obligation chat or email on simon@positivelydifferent.solutions and see for yourself why the old way of recruiting which is based on numbers and sell sell sell is broken – and that our way is trust, partnerships, understanding and incorporating new technologies to help you grow and thrive.